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Dikar. Dikar was created by Arthur Leo Zagat (Dr. Bain, Tiger Carlin, Ford Duane, Jed, Ann Marsh, Tom, Dick & Harry, Doc Turner) and appeared in six stories and story serials in Argosy from 1939 to 1941, beginning with “Tomorrow” (Argosy, May 27, 1939).

In the near future the Yellow Peril Japanese have invaded and conquered the United States. Only a few white survivors remain. One group of them is hidden at the top of an almost unscaleable mountain, but the adults have died off, leaving behind only a group of teenagers, “The Bunch.” The Bunch is led by Dick Carr, who is now known as “Dikar.” Dikar and his sweetheart Marilee leads the Bunch in rebellion against the Japanese occupiers, finally driving them away from the U.S.

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