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Dodge, Elaine. Elaine Dodge was created by Charles W. Goddard (Celestia, Hidden Hand, Laughing Mask, Francis Morgan), Arthur B. Reeve (Belle Boyd, Constance Dunlap, Robert Dupont, Hidden Hand, Hooded Terror, Craig Kennedy, Pilot X), and George B. Seitz (Pauline Hargrave, Laughing Mask, Burton Meredith, Phantom (I), Dr. Santro, Pearl Travers, Velvet Fingers) and appeared in three film serials from 1914 to 1915, beginning with The Exploits of Elaine.

Elaine Dodge is the daughter of Taylor Dodge, the president of Consolidated Insurance Company. Taylor Dodge is murdered by a mysterious figure known only as the “Clutching Hand.” Dutiful daughter that she is, Elaine Dodge goes after the Clutching Hand. Dodge is helped by famous detective Craig Kennedy, who puts all of his scientific wonders at her disposal and rescues her when she has been captured by the Hand and his lieutenant, the Yellow Peril Wu Fang. In the sequels Dodge and Kennedy again clash with the Clutching Hand, with Wu Fang, who is looking for the Clutching Hand’s fortune, and with a foreign saboteur, Mr. X, who wants to capture a new torpedo which Kennedy has invented and sell it to an unidentified foreign power.

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