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Dunlap, Constance. Constance Dunlap was created by Arthur B. Reeve (Belle Boyd, Elaine Dodge, Robert Dupont, Hidden Hand, Hooded Terror, Craig Kennedy, Pilot X) and appeared in twelve stories in Pearson’s Magazine (U.S.) from 1913 to 1914, beginning with “The Foegees” (Pearson’s Magazine (U.S.), Sept. 1913); the stories were collected in Constance Dunlap, Woman Detective (1916).

Some years ago Constance Dunlap was married to an embezzler and helped him with his crimes, but he committed suicide, leaving her to pick up the pieces. She resolved to redeem herself by doing good. She begins catching criminals and helping others to extricate themselves from crime’s grasp. To help herself in this she invents and uses technologically advanced instruments in the service of crime-fighting. She is pursued by the corrupt Drummond, a cruel agent of the Burr Detective Agency who knows about her past and is determined to put her away, regardless of her present occupation.

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