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Morgan, Francis. Francis Morgan was created by Jack London (Scarlet Plague) and Charles W. Goddard (Celestia, Elaine Dodge, Hidden Hand, Laughing Mask) and appeared in “Hearts of Three” (New York Evening Journal, May 12-June 29, 1919); the serial was collected in Hearts of Three (1920).

Francis Morgan is the descendant of the famous pirate, Sir Henry Morgan, and Francis decides to go in search of his ancestor’s treasure in Panama. There he meets a cousin, Henry Morgan, a Panamanian woman, Leoncia Solano, and a Panamanian plantation owner, Alvarez Torres. They soon abandon the search for Morgan’s treasure and go looking for the lost treasure of the Mayans. They go into the mountains and pass through tunnels in to the secluded Valley of the Lost Souls, which is inhabited by the Lost Race descendants of conquistadors and Caribs. They practice human sacrifice and are ruled over by a wicked priest class and a queen, the Lady Who Dreams.

Morgan et al are captured, and although the Lady wants Morgan and agrees to spare the party if he will marry her (to which he is amenable, as she is beautiful), the natives attack them anyhow, and they are forced to flee without most of the treasure. Back in New York Francis’ finances undergo attack by various enemies, including Henry, and the Queen and Torres die while Francis regains his wealth and marries Leoncia.

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