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Travers, Pearl. Pearl Travers was created by Bertram Millhauser (Spider Woman) and George B. Seitz (Elaine Dodge, Pauline Hargrave, Laughing Mask, Burton Meredith, Phantom (I), Dr. Santro, Velvet Fingers) and appeared in the film serial Plunder (1923).

Pearl Travers is a spunky young woman who by accident discovers that a fabulous ancient treasure is buried underneath a skyscraper. Unfortunately, bad man Jud Deering also finds out about the location of the treasure, and Travers and Deering compete fiercely to acquire ownership of the skyscraper so that they can legally dig for the treasure. In the middle of this competition appears a Mad Scientist who, Victor von Frankenstein-like, is working on creating a living being from the body parts of dead humans.

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