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Hargrave, Pauline. Pauline Hargrave was created by George B. Seitz (Elaine Dodge, Laughing Mask, Burton Meredith, Phantom (I), Dr. Santro, Pearl Travers, Velvet Fingers) and appeared in film serial The Perils of Pauline (1914). The Perils of Pauline was the first significant American film serial.

Pauline Hargrave is an heiress who is engaged to be married to her stalwart boyfriend Harry Marvin. But she also wants to be a writer, and to that end she begins traveling, collecting ideas and situations and locales for her stories. Harry Marvin pursues her. Unfortunately, she is also pursued by Owen Koerner and his men, all of whom have lustful, greedy eyes on her money. After a number of adventures, including attacks by Owen and his men, Indians, lions, snakes, and rats, an avalanche, a runaway train, and poisoned candy, Pauline gives up writing and marries Harry.

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