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Santro, Dr. Dr. Santro was created by George B. Seitz (Elaine Dodge, Pauline Hargrave, Laughing Mask, Burton Meredith, Phantom (I), Pearl Travers, Velvet Fingers) and Frank Leon Smith (Belle Boyd, McQuillan, Phantom (I), Jeff Tarrant) and appeared in the film serial The Sky Ranger (1921).

Dr. Santro is a Superhuman Mad Scientist. He has powerful hypnotic abilities and is a brilliant inventor who creates a technologically advanced airplane, which is noiseless, can climb at a greatly accelerated rate, and can circle the Earth for hours at a time. Santro’s rival, Professor Elliot discovers a beam weapon that can send signals to Mars and can lock on to objects no matter how high they fly. Santro realizes that the beam can be used to destroy him, and attempts to destroy it. But Santro’s daughter is not quite so evil as Santro, and she helps Elliot’s daughter and the boyfriend of Elliot’s daughter to bring down Santro and his plane.

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