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Skipper. The Skipper was created by “Wallace Brooker,” the pseudonym of Norman A. Daniels (The Black Bat (II), Scott Cameron, Candid Camera Kid, Dan Clark, Crimson Mask, John Doe (II), Dynamite Dolan, Stephen Duane, The Eagle (III), Masked Detective, Guy Peyton, Renouf, Val Stewart), and appeared in fifty-two stories in The Skipper (U.S.) and Doc Savage Magazine from 1936 to 1943, beginning with “The Red Heat Pearls” (The Skipper (U.S.) #1, Dec. 1936).

Captain John Fury is the Skipper, the pilot of the Whirlwind, a tanker converted into an armed cruiser, armor-plated and packed to the gills with guns, torpedoes, and mines. Before World War One the Whirlwind was the scourge of pirates and all oceanic wrongdoers. During World War One the Whirlwind devastates the German fleet. Fury is a merciless scourge of criminals. He is brutal when he needs or wants to be and even engages in torture if the ends, for him, are justified. Fury is assisted by first mate “Marlin Spike” Briggs, second mate, “Hurricane” Dan Belmont, "Grump" Rollins, and a friend, Peter Doom.

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