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Crimson Mask. The Crimson Mask was created by “Frank Johnson,” the pseudonym of Norman A. Daniels (The Black Bat (II), Scott Cameron, Candid Camera Kid, Dan Clark, John Doe (II), Dynamite Dolan, Stephen Duane, The Eagle (III), Masked Detective, Guy Peyton, Renouf, Skipper, Val Stewart), and appeared in sixteen stories in Detective Novels and Popular Detective from 1940 to 1945, beginning with “Enter the Crimson Mask” (Detective Novels, Aug. 1940).

The Crimson Mask is a Costumed Avenger Killer Vigilante. Robert G. "Doc" Clarke is the son of a policeman killed in the line of duty. Clarke works as a pharmacist in a poor neighborhood, but when the red bulb beneath his drugstore counter lights up, Doc puts on his crimson domino mask and goes to work fighting crime. He keeps a modern crime laboratory in the back of his store, He is assisted by retired police commissioner Theodore Warrick, who had “seconded, planned, and financed” Clarke’s decision to become a vigilante, by “chubby, loyal Dave Small,” who runs the drugstore while Clarke is active, and by “slender, blond, beautiful Sandra Gray,” whose father was also killed by a criminal.

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