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The Masked Detective. The Masked Detective was created by “C.K.M. Scanlon,” a house pseudonym for Standard Magazines which in this case was used by Norman A. Daniels (The Black Bat (II), Scott Cameron, Candid Camera Kid, Dan Clark, Crimson Mask, John Doe (II), Dynamite Dolan, Stephen Duane, The Eagle (III), Guy Peyton, Renouf, Skipper, Val Stewart), and appeared in thirteen stories in The Masked Detective and Thrilling Mystery from 1940 to 1944, beginning with “Alias the Masked Detective” (The Masked Detective #1, Fall 1940).

The Masked Detective is a Costumed Avenger. Rex Parker is a reporter for the New York Comet. As the Masked Detective he fights the strange and unusual as well as the ordinary kinds of evil and crime. He is a master of disguise, a very good ventriloquist, and is a trained boxer as well as an expert at savate. His beautiful girlfriend, Winnie Bligh, is another reporter for the Comet. She often gets in trouble and requires the Masked Detective to rescue her. The Detective's opponents were not particularly memorable, although there was one "white-hooded master menace" and also a deluded art vandal.

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