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Longuet, Theophraste. Theophraste Longuet was created by the French author Gaston Leroux (Balaoo, Cheri-Bibi, Eliphas de Saint-Elme de Taillebourg de la Nox, Captain Hyx, Benedict Masson, Mysterious King, Phantom of the Opera, Joseph Rouletabille) and appeared in La Double Vie de Theophraste Longuet (1903).

Longuet is a retired merchant who finds himself possessed by the spirit of Cartouche (see: Cartouche (I)). Leroux’s Cartouche is "L'Enfant," a schoolfellow of Voltaire and a man educated by "gypsies" in the ways of thievery and combat. This Cartouche eventually came to command an army of more than three thousand "brigands" and was broken on the wheel for "more than one hundred and fifty personal assassinations.” Longuet, as Cartouche, has various adventures and discovers a secret society which has been living underground, in enormous caverns beneath Paris, since the 14th century. Cartouche is not a hero, however, but a villain, and tries to commit more crimes in the modern era. The secret society, for their part, are mutants, with ears like horns but no eyes; they are the "Talfa," and they live in a communist paradise, not possessing any code of morals but by reason of their even temperament not needing laws or police. Longuet eventually shakes off the possession and escapes from the Talfa, but when he returns to the surface he discovers his wife Marceline and friend Adolphe embracing. Longuet is gripped with rage and kills them both, then lies down and dies from sadness.

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