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Cartouche (I). Louis-Dominique Bourguignon, known as “Cartouche,” (1693-1721) was a famous bandit. He gained fame in France for a series of extremely daring raids in and around Paris. He was reportedly an agent of the French Regent and died courageously on the wheel. In 1907 a very fictionalized version of Cartouche was the hero of the French dime novel Le Roi des Bandits #1-38 (1907-1908). 

Le Roi des Bandits portrayed a very fictionalized version of Cartouche; he is a heroic thief--a Gentleman Bandit--much more similar to A.J. Raffles and Arsène Lupin than to the historic Cartouche.

Cartouche appears in stories with titles like “The Revenge of Cartouche,” “The Arrest of Cartouche,” and “Cartouche and Family.”

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