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Rouletabille, Joseph. Joseph Rouletabille was created by the French author Gaston Leroux (Balaoo, Cheri-Bibi, Eliphas de Saint-Elme de Taillebourg de la Nox, Captain Hyx, Theophraste Longuet, Benedict Masson, Mysterious King, Phantom of the Opera) and appeared in seven novels from 1907 to 1922, beginning with Le Mystère de la Chambre Jaune.

Joseph Rouletabille is a handsome and energetic young French reporter who is modeled on Edgar Allan Poe’s C. Auguste Dupin and Emile Gaboriau’s Monsieur Lecoq. Rouletabille solves his cases using pure logic and deductive reasoning. In his debut Rouletabille takes on a seemingly impossible crime, a type of locked-room murder, and wrenches the investigation out of the hands of the police. Rouletabille is Watsoned by Sainclair, who is worshipful towards Rouletabille but is often annoyed by his flashes of insight, which Rouletabille customarily keeps to himself.

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