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Cramer, Max. Max Cramer was created by F.A.M. Webster (Alphabet Crisp, Lawrie Fenton, Husky Hillier, Bruce LoganOld Ebbie, Peter Pirow) and appeared in eleven stories in The Blue Magazine in 1927 and 1928, beginning with “The Charmer” (The Blue Magazine, July 1927).

Max Cramer is a wealthy Englishman, “rich beyond the dreams of avarice,” whose “ruling passion was the highly specialized investigation of abstruse crimes.” So he studied crime in the great police schools of Europe and developed an encyclopedic knowledge of both criminal justice matters and more unusual subjects. He then formed a crime-solving organization of agents which is “the envy and despair of the police services throughout Europe,” which incorporates all of their best qualities but isn’t fettered by red tape or an undue adherence to inconvenient laws. He has delicate “tawny gold eyes,” plays chess, smokes cigarettes, is often impatient, and has “a quite inordinately fastidious distaste for being touched.”

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