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Pirow, Peter. Peter Pirow was created by F.A.M. Webster (Max Cramer, Alphabet Crisp, Lawrie Fenton, Husky Hillier, Bruce Logan, Old Ebbie) and appeared in a number of stories in The 20 Story Magazine in 1926 and 1927, beginning with “Peter Pirow Seeks Sanctuary” (The 20 Story Magazine, May 1926).

Peter Pirow was been a big-game hunter, prospector, and trader in South and East Africa, and then aided, strictly in a freelance way, the King’s African Rifles against the Germans during World War One. Afterwards he helped British intelligence combat the Germans and Russians and Bolsheviks. But he discovers that the Bolsheviks are organizing all the native secret societies in the world, from India to Central Asia to Africa, and he suspects that another world war is in the offing, one that would be far more damaging to the West than the previous. So Pirow returns to England and enlists an old friend, Captain Carruthers, and together they fight the Bolsheviks and their African followers (the racial biases in this story are pronounced) and ultimately foil the plot.

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