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Warren, Chip. Chip Warren was created by Nelson S. Bond (Lancelot Biggs, Horse-Sense Hank, Jessifer, LobbliesMeg the Priestess, Pat Pending, Anne Rogers, Squaredeal Sam) and appeared in “’Shadrach’” (Planet Stories, Fall 1941) and “The Lorelei Death” (Planet Stories, Winter 1941).

Chip Warren is a hard-bitten, hard-drinking spacer in Xuerl’s Cosmobar on Mars, “a place where a hard-fisted, full-pursed spaceman, newly in from the mines or out from Earth, could get a weapon or a wench, a bottle or a battle, any or all with equal celerity.” Warren notices that a miner, newly rich with a big strike of ekalastron (only the most valuable metal in the universe), is about to be drugged by a local crime boss, so Warren interferes. Warren is only saved from being shot by the intervention of “Salvation” Smith, “sin-driving missionary of the Wastelands,” someone more than a little similar to Solomon Kane. Warren, Smith, and Warren’s partner Syd Palmer travel through system, using the “velocity intensifier, invented by that mad genius of the spaceways, Lancelot Biggs,” and find adventure and fight evil.

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