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Jessifer. Jessifer was created by Nelson S. Bond (Lancelot Biggs, Horse-Sense Hank, LobbliesMeg the Priestess, Pat Pending, Anne Rogers, Squaredeal Sam, Chip Warren) and appeared in “Legacy” (Astounding, Dec. 1940) and “Jessifer Rides Again” (Thrilling Wonder Stories, Oct. 1942).

In the year 2210 poor Cap Hawkins, the aging skipper of the Andromeda, is making yet another monotonous Earth-Mars trip when he’s told that his rich Uncle Lester has died. Lester wills Cap something, since Cap was Lester’s favorite nephew. But the “something” is a “rusty, worn-out, thousand-time-patched-and-welded robot…this jellopy was one hop-skip-and-jump from an antique collector’s trophy room.” And the robot, which is named “Jessifer,” only speaks in proverbs, aphorisms, and clichés, and acts eccentrically. But just as the Andromeda is sold out from under Cap, leaving him without a job or a future, Cap’s radioman Bert Donovan realizes that Jessifer is brilliant at detecting radium, and so Cap and the crew buy the Andromeda back, thus securing salvage rights, and Jessifer gets them all a huge asteroid of radium.

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