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Lobblies. The Lobblies were created by Nelson S. Bond (Lancelot Biggs, Horse-Sense Hank, Jessifer, Meg the Priestess, Pat Pending, Anne Rogers, Squaredeal Sam, Chip Warren) and appeared in four stories, a radio series, several television shows, and a play, beginning with “Mr. Mergenthwirker’s Lobblies” (Scribner’s, Nov. 1937).

The Lobblies are Henry and Japheth, two prank-loving spirits who look like large blobs of ozone but can manipulate objects, including throwing them when they want to, and have the ability to predict the future. The Lobblies are the companions of Henry Mergenthwirker, and help him and his friends while also indulging their own taste for shenanigans.

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