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Wade, Tom. Tom Wade was created by George Harmon Coxe (Paul Baron, Flashgun Casey, Jack Fenner, Max Hale, Sgt. Jansen, Kent Murdock, Paul Standish) and appeared in twenty-three stories in Black Mask from 1934 to 1943, beginning with “Return Engagement” (Black Mask, Mar. 1934).

Tom Wade is a crime-solving reporter. He is friends with Flashgun Casey and followed Casey from the Globe to the Express.

Like Casey, Wade was keen on his job. But where Casey made a pretense of grouching and crabbing about the difficulties the work entailed, Wade, with his resiliency of youth, made no pretenses whatever. Cocky, good-natured and endowed with a supply of enthusiasm and luck, he was an irresponsible youngster with around, smooth face, guileless blue eyes and an ever-ready grin.

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