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Standish, Paul. Paul Standish was created by George Harmon Coxe (Paul Baron, Flashgun Casey, Jack Fenner, Max Hale, Sgt. Jansen, Kent Murdock, Tom Wade) and appeared in ten stories and one novel from 1942 to 1966, beginning with “The Fourth Visitor” (Cosmopolitan, Aug. 1942).

Dr. Paul Standish is a medical examiner in a big city who investigates questionable and mysterious deaths. He is “accustomed to approach each case as a diagnostician and view it with a clinical eye,” but he has a large amount of feeling and compassion. Standish only reluctantly takes on criminal cases–he feels that that is the job of his friend, Lieutenant Ballard of the police. Standish has a lean, angular face, sandy hair, and “shrewd gray eyes.” Standish’s other helper is Mary Hayward, “his nurse, secretary, and Girl-Friday.”

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