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Stern, Allan. Allan Stern was created by George Allan England (Thomas AshleyPaul Kramer, Master (I), Slattery & Bender, John Storm, Leonidas Tripp) and appeared in three story serials in The Cavalier from 1912 to 1913, beginning with “Darkness and Dawn” (The Cavalier, Jan. 6, 1912).

Allan Stern is a brilliant young engineer whose beautiful, spirited secretary is Beatrice Kendrick. They live and work in New York City, but one day they are plunged into suspended animation, and when they wake up thousands of years have passed and human civilization has been destroyed. Vicious mutants roam the landscape. Stern and Kendrick work together to survive and they eventually fall in love. They discover that a large portion of the Earth has been hurled into space to form a second moon, leaving in its place a “bottomless” abyss. Stern and Kendrick befriend the People of the Abyss and become its leaders and eventually recolonize the Earth.

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