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Kramer, Paul. Paul Kramer was created by George Allan England (Thomas AshleyMaster (I), Slattery & Bender, Allan Stern, John Storm, Leonidas Tripp) and appeared in “The Empire in the Air” (All-Story, Nov. 14-Dec 5, 1914).

Paul Kramer, a famous pilot, is trying to set a new altitude record in his plane when he disappears. A laboratory, tracking him by radio, detects that something moving at 3000 miles per second grabbed him. Kramer’s friend Keen, an astronomer, is visited by a glowing, six-sided globe which writes a message for Keen from Kramer, warning him that earth is in peril by an attack of creatures from another universe. The globes appear all over the Earth and attack, and as the globes are at absolute zero there is no defense against them. Kramer’s fiancee is Sensitive, and under hypnosis Kramer can communicate with her. He lets her know that he is in the fourth dimension and that if other pilots travel into the fourth dimension from the same point at which Kramer disappeared, they can help Kramer attack the globes. The attack is successful and the globe-aliens are driven off. Kramer then returns to our world, and a globe tells him that no attack will be forthcoming, but that men will never be allowed into the fourth dimension.

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