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Slattery & Bender. Slattery & Bender were created by George Allan England (Thomas AshleyPaul Kramer, Master (I), Allan Stern, John Storm, Leonidas Tripp) and appeared in seventeen stories in a number of magazines from 1906 to 1922, beginning with “The Turning of the Worm” (The All-Story Magazine, Feb. 1906); sixteen of the stories were collected in Pod, Bender & Co. (1916).

Slattery & Bender are Con Men. Pod “Slats” Slattery is a portly swindler, and Pittsburgh Bender is his tall, well-dressed partner. Slattery has the gift of gab, which is useful, but Bender is the better of the two: he is known as “Dr. Bender” and is the “cleverest con-man in America.” They are active in New York City and environs and speak in the lingo of pre-WW1 criminals: “He frames up kind of like an elbow” and “You look like a regular top-notcher; look like you was handin' the merry chuckle to hard luck, an' that's no pipe."

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