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Storm, John. John Storm was created by George Allan England (Thomas AshleyPaul Kramer, Master (I), Slattery & Bender, Allan Stern, Leonidas Tripp) and appeared in “The Golden Blight” (Cavalier, May 18-June 22, 1912); the serial was collected as The Golden Blight (1916).

John Storm is a brilliant young scientist who has discovered Zeta rays, which can be focused to turn gold into ash. Storm informs the world that unless war is outlawed, he will disintegrate the world’s gold supply. The major capitalists of the world, who profit so greatly from war, are outraged and make various attempts to have Storm killed. As Storm is about to disintegrate the last, greatest supply of the world’s gold the head capitalists gather in Washington. One, a German, has used German science to discover that the effect of Storm’s Zeta ray is only temporary. The German has gathered together all of the dust which Storm left behind, and when the dust reverts to gold he will use his new wealth to create a Jewish state. But the transformation of ash to gold releases great heat, and all of the capitalists are killed.

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