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Sholmes, Herlock. Herlock Sholmes was created by “Peter Todd,” the pseudonym of Charles Hamilton (Billy Bunter, Arthur Augustus d’Arcy, Sheerluck Jones, Ken King, Len Lex, Ferrers Locke, Harry Wharton) and appeared in 101 stories in Greyfriars Herald, The Magnet, and The Gem from 1915 to 1961, beginning with “The Adventure of the Diamond Pins” (The Greyfriars Herald, Nov. 20, 1915).

Herlock Sholmes is a Great Detective. He is a Sherlock Holmes parody who is assisted by Dr. Jotson, lives at 101 Shaker Street, and continually shows up Inspector Pinkeye. Sholmes takes cocaine at "seven hundred percent," has a landlady, Mrs. Spudson, and has a Moriarty-like archenemy, Professor Hickorychicory. The stories about Sholmes even mention untold stories about Sholmes, just as Sherlock Holmes had his untold stories. 

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