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d'Arcy, Arthur Augustus. Arthur Augustus d'Arcy was created by “Frank Richards,” the pseudonym of Charles Hamilton (Billy Bunter, Sheerluck Jones, Ken King, Len Lex, Ferrers Locke, Herlock Sholmes, Harry Wharton), and appeared in hundreds of stories from 1906 to 1939, beginning with “The Swell of St. Jim’s” (Pluck #110, Dec. 1, 1906).

Arthur Augustus d'Arcy is a Fop. D’Arcy is the "swell of St. Jim's," the school which d’Arcy attended along with Tom Merry and several other noble young English lads. D’Arcy, known as “Gussie,” is a lisping, drawling, upper-class fop, but he can be vigorous, and on occasion he assists Sexton Blake on cases. According to literary rumor, he was the source of Peter Wimsey.

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