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Wharton, Harry. Harry Wharton was created by “Frank Richards,” the pseudonym of Charles Hamilton (Billy Bunter, Arthur Augustus d’Arcy, Sheerluck Jones, Ken King, Len Lex, Ferrers Locke, Herlock Sholmes), and appeared in over a thousand short stories, hundreds of novels, and radio and television programs from 1908 to 1982, beginning with “The Making of Harry Wharton” (The Magnet, Feb. 15, 1908).

Harry Wharton is a spirited schoolboy at Greyfriars, an English public school. Wharton is the leader of the “Famous Five:” Frank Nugent, Bob Cherry, Johnny Bull, and Hurree Jamset Ram Singh, the Nabob of Bhanipur. (Billy Bunter attends Greyfriars but is not a member of the Five). Wharton and other members of the Five get into a wide range of adventures, ranging from playing pranks to capturing criminals to defeating evil men in foreign countries.

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