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Prescott, Dick. Dick Prescott was created by H. Irving Hancock (Dave Darrin, Li Shoon, Frank Manley, Motor Boat Club, Tom Reade, Square Dollar Boys, Uncle Sam's Boys) and appeared in forty-four books and nine series from 1910 to 1920, beginning with The High School Freshmen, or, Dick & Co.’s First Year Pranks and Sports.

Dick Prescott, Dave Darrin, Dan Dalzell, Harry Hazeltine and Tom Reade have adventures in grammar and high school (Gridley High), prove themselves against various small-time bad guys (bullies and cruel teachers) and big-time visllains (crooks, kidnapers, etc). On graduating they go their separate ways. Prescott enters Annapolis and fights the Germans as a naval officer in the "Annapolis Series" and the "Dave Darrin Series." Prescott enters West Point in the "West Point Series" and then fights the Germans as Army officers in the "Boys of the Army Series." Prescott is active on the West Front and behind enemy lines and kills numerous Germans.

Prescott and his friends appear in the imaginary-war "Conquest of the United States Series," which depicts what would have happened if the United States had not entered World War One. Prescott leads the other men in a courageous fight against the invading German forces. After Boston and Philadelphia are lost, Prescott and the boys defeat the Germans in the Appalachians and then at sea.

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