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Manley, Frank. Frank Manley was created by “Physical Director,” the pseudonym of H. Irving Hancock (Dave Darrin, Li Shoon, Motor Boat Club, Dick Prescott, Tom Reade, Square Dollar Boys, Uncle Sam's Boys), and appeared in sixty-four stories in Young Athlete’s Weekly and Frank Manley’s Weekly in 1905 and 1906.

Frank Manley is a studious, athletic teenager at Dr. Holbrook’s Academy in Woodstock, New York. While at Woodstock Manley leads the school in athletics and helps the Woodstock students triumph in sports and studies. Manley’s friends are Hal Spofford, Joe Prescott, and the Superhuman Japanese student Inow Sato, whose skill at “jiu-jitsu” is so great that he can restore men to life with it.

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