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Moving Picture Boys. The Moving Picture Boys were created by “Victor Appleton,” a Stratemeyer Syndicate house name which was used in this case by Howard R. Garis (Tom Cardiff, Larry Dexter, Sherman Ford, Dick Hamilton, Amos Henderson, Professor Jephtha JonkinMotion Picture Chums, Mystery Boys (I), Nat Ridley, Rocket Riders, Smith Brothers, Don Sturdy, Tom Swift, Teddy (II), Venture Boys), and appeared in the ten-book “Moving Picture Boys” series, beginning with The Moving Picture Boys, or, the Perils of a Great City Depicted (1913) and concluding with The Moving Picture Boys on French Fronts, or, Taking Pictures for the U.S. Army (1919).

The Moving Picture Boys are Blake Stewart and Joe Duncan, patriotic American farm boys who are content in a bucolic life until a motion picture company began filming in the neighborhood. The pair are taken under the wing of Mr. Hadley, the company manager, who teaches them everything he knows, and from there they begin taking film of all kinds and in every situations, from natural disasters to ships being torpedoed to battlefront action. They are romantically engaged with starlets Nellie Shay and Birdie Lee.

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