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Rocket Riders. The Rocket Riders were created by Howard R. Garis (Tom Cardiff, Larry Dexter, Sherman Ford, Dick Hamilton, Amos Henderson, Professor Jephtha JonkinMotion Picture Chums, Moving Picture Boys, Mystery Boys (I), Nat Ridley, Smith Brothers, Don Sturdy, Tom Swift, Teddy (II), Venture Boys) and appeared in the five-book “Rocket Riders” series, beginning with Rocket Riders Across the Ice, or, Racing Against Time (1933) and concluding with Rocket Riders on the Floor of the Ocean (1935).

The Rocket Riders are two teenaged boys use rocket-powered vessels to explore, adventure, and fight crime; they use a "sled-rocket" to explore the Poles, a "rocket car" to look for a lost Saharan city, a "rocket-boat" to look for sunken treasure, a "sky-rocket" to chase air pirates, and a "rocket sub" to explore the floor of the ocean.

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