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Henderson, Amos. Amos Henderson was created by “Roy Rockwood,” a Stratemeyer Syndicate house name which in this case was used by Howard R. Garis (Tom Cardiff, Larry Dexter, Sherman Ford, Dick Hamilton, Professor Jephtha JonkinMotion Picture Chums, Moving Picture Boys, Mystery Boys (I), Nat Ridley, Rocket Riders, Smith Brothers, Don Sturdy, Tom Swift, Teddy (II), Venture Boys), and appeared in the nine-book “Great Marvel” series, beginning with Through the Air to the North Pole, or, The Wonderful Cruise of the Electric Monarch (1906) and concluding with By Spaceship to Saturn, or, Exploring the Ringed Planet (1935).

Professor Amos Henderson is a reclusive, brilliant scientist and inventor who can create and build any sort of super-vehicle, from dirigibles to submarines to spaceships, as well as "electric diving suits" and space suits. Henderson uses these vehicles to travel and explore. On his travels he is accompanied by his "general helper and companion," Washington White, a racist stereotype; by Mark Sampson and Jack Darrow, a pair of freight-hopping eighteen-year-old orphans the Professor has befriended; by Andy Sudds, an aging hunter; and by a pair of farmers, Tom Smith and Bill Jones. Together this group goes to the North Pole, where they fight the "savage Esquimaux;" goes to the "boiling sea of the South Pole," where they discover the entrance to the Hollow Earth, which they enter in the third book in the series; goes to Mars and fight the native Martians; visit the city of the Red Dwarfs on a planetoid close to the Earth; goes to Venus and fights the natives there; and goes to Saturn and fights the natives there.

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