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Haslup, David. David Haslup was created by Arthur J. Burks (Professor Barter, Black Falcon, Duff Braden, Jack Brady, Edward D’Strange, Harlan Dyce, The Guillotine, Eddie Kelly, Josh McNab, Dorus Noel, Allan Swain) and appeared in “Survival” (Marvel Science Stories, Aug. 1938) and “Exodus” (Marvel Science Stories, Nov. 1938).

Some time in the future the United States is in peril. Almost 150 million Americans are dead, and less than a million are left living. David Haslup is the General and Commander of the Central Army, responsible for somehow defeating the invasion of Yellow Peril hordes from Asia. Every American city is in ruins, the result of “first the enemy, with bombs, shells, bullets, grenades. Then ourselves, as we retreated from them, destroying everything of value that was left.” The surface world is no longer available to Americans, so Haslup creates Sanctuary, an underground city, and marries the token love interest Mara and has children by her. Later, when the subterranean Absarokans invade, Haslup leads the fight against them.

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