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Braden, Duff. Duff Braden was created by Arthur J. Burks (Professor Barter, Black Falcon, Jack Brady, Edward D’Strange, Harlan Dyce, The Guillotine, David Haslup, Eddie Kelly, Josh McNab, Dorus Noel, Allan Swain) and appeared in five stories in Popular Detective in 1935 and 1936, beginning with “G-Man’s Guns” (Popular Detective, Sept. 1935).

Duff Braden is a new F.B.I. agent. He is sent to Seattle to deal with a kidnaping case–the mysterious “Voice” is sending terror over telephone lines with his threats. Braden is hard-boiled, clever, calm, deadly under fire, and will allow himself to be worked over by criminals if it will help advance or close a case.

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