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Swain, Allan. Allan Swain was created by Arthur J. Burks (Professor Barter, Black Falcon, Duff Braden, Jack Brady, Edward D’Strange, Harlan Dyce, The Guillotine, David Haslup, Eddie Kelly, Josh McNab, Dorus Noel) and appeared in seven stories in Wings in 1928 and 1929, beginning with “The Winged Cavalier” (Wings, Nov. 1928).

Allan Swain is the “Winged Cavalier,” “China’s Robin Hood of the skies.” By day he is a politician who matches wits with the warlords. By night he is a champion of the poor, working for the emancipation of China from the throes of revolution. He fights Japanese spies and troops and corrupt Chinese warlords in China and gives his captured wealth to the poor. He has a distinctive laugh, flies a refurbished Boeing, and has as a partner Ho Fou, a teenaged Chinese girl.

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