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Drew, Ethan. Ethan Drew was created by Edmond Hamilton (Captain Future, Rab Crane, Brian Cullan, Interstellar Patrol, Stuart Merrick, Jan Tor, Dr. Whitney) and appeared in “Comrades of Time” (Weird Tales, Mar 1939) and “Armies From the Past” (Weird Tales, Apr 1939).

Ethan Drew is a member of the French Foreign Legion. He is ambushed by Tuaregs in the Sahara and is fighting them when he is transported over a million years into the future. He finds himself alongside a number of other time-lost men, including a Viking, a conquistador, an American frontiersman, one of Cromwell’s men, and an Egyptian. Together they help the surviving humans fight against the “Wise One,” a Mad Scientist. Thousands of years ago the Wise One was a mere human, but he experimented with technology which would allow the survival of a head separated from its body. He used this technology on himself, but it turned him into an immortal Brain in a Jar, and now he only wants to die. However, an evil king wants to use the Wise One’s technology to escape into the future and intends to take the Wise One with him. Drew et al. help kill the Wise One and defeat the king and are returned to their respective home times. In the sequel Drew and the others are reunited and fight against an army of evil red men. Drew is helped by companies of armies from humanity’s past who are transported into the future as Drew was. At story’s end Drew and the other time-lost soldiers decide to stay in the future.

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