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Crane, Rab. Rab Crane was created by Edmond Hamilton (Captain Future, Brian Cullan, Ethan Drew, Interstellar Patrol, Stuart Merrick, Jan Tor, Dr. Whitney) and appeared in “Space Mirror” (Thrilling Wonder Stories, Aug. 1937) and “Murder in the Void” (Thrilling Wonder Stories, Jun 1938).

Rab Crane is an agent of the Terrestrial Secret Service who is sent on missions of vital importance to the Earth. The Earth has many enemies, including the alien races of Mars, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter, all of whom are jealous of Earth’s wealth and prominence and all of whom would stop at nothing to harm Earth and humanity, even damaging the great mirror which focuses the rays of the sun on to Earth and allows for the melting of the Antarctic ice caps. Fortunately, Crane is there with his blasters to end the alien threat.

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