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Whitney, Dr. Dr. Whitney was created by Edmond Hamilton (Captain Future, Rab Crane, Brian Cullan, Ethan Drew, Interstellar Patrol, Stuart Merrick, Jan Tor) and appeared in “Across Space” (Weird Tales, Sept-Nov 1926).

Dr. Whitney is a physicist who believes that recent volcanic activity on Easter Island and Mars leaving its orbit and heading for Earth are connected. Whitney and his assistant Allan travel to Easter Island to investigate and are captured by bat-winged humanoids. These creatures, which were the original models for the Easter Island statues, were originally from Mars and currently live in an enormous cavern underneath the Pacific Ocean. They have recently re-established contact with Mars and have offered Earth to the Martians as a way to reduce the overpopulation on Mars. The Martian batmen have also set up a ray on Easter Island which is drawing Mars to Earth. Whitney sacrifices himself in blowing up the batmen’s base on Easter Island and Allan escapes to tell the world.

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