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Thelda. Thelda was created by “Harl Vincent,” the pseudonym of Harold Vincent Schoepflin (Carr Parker, Ward Platt, Prowler), and appeared in “The Golden Girl of Munan” (Amazing Stories, June 1928) and “The War of the Planets” (Amazing Stories, Jan. 1929).

1500 years in the future conflict develops between the Pacific island of Munan and the outside world. In 1950 the Terrestrial Government rounded up 2000 political undesirables and deported them to Munan. One of the deportees created a force field which isolated Munan from the outside world. A thousand years later, Munan is preparing to take its revenge. It has spent the intervening time building up its population, its technology, and its grudge against the rest of humanity, and now they are preparing to CONQUER THE WORLD! Thelda is a Munan pacifist, and she gets in touch with two outsiders and with the rest of the Munan revolutionaries helps stop the invasion at the cost of destroying Munan. In the sequel Venutians attack Earth intent on avenging Munan, but once again Thelda is a part of destroying the invaders.

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