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Prowler. Prowler was created by “Harl Vincent,” the pseudonym of Harold Vincent Schoepflin (Carr Parker, Ward Platt, Thelda), and appeared in “Prowler of the Wastelands” (Astounding Stories, Apr. 1935) and “Return of the Prowler” (Astounding Stories, Nov. 1938).

In the 23rd century the Prowler is a man-sized, genetically engineered beast of prey, a “great, sleek cat-animal with human mind and instincts.” The Prowler is intelligent, but it has been living in the wilderness of upstate New York for years and is more animal than man. It is reunited with its breeder, Rosso, who increases the Prowler’s mental abilities, and then puts the Prowler on stage as a “Miracle,” a performing animal. The Prowler likes its human partner in the act, and the pair eventually escape back into the wilderness. In the sequel the Prowler returns to the city to warn humans of an impending attack of the half-human “trogs.”

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