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Platt, Ward. Ward Platt was created by “Harl Vincent,” the pseudonym of Harold Vincent Schoepflin (Carr Parker, Prowler, Thelda), and appeared in “The Menace from Below” (Science Wonder Stories, July 1929) and “The Return to Suburbia” (Science Wonder Stories, Apr. 1930).

Ward Platt is a famous engineer who is hired to solve the mystery of why and how subway trains are disappearing from the New York subway system. Meanwhile Platt’s friend Tony sees a corpse disappear, and then films a man with a strange set of equipment standing in front of a subway. He is kidnaped by an old school friend who has been working for the Evil Surgeon Mad Scientist Ainsworth, who has discovered a race of Pithecanthropi in an underground cave system. Ainsworth has been transferring the brains of his kidnap victims into the Pithecanthropi and turning them into a super-race which he will use to CONQUER THE WORLD! Eventually Ainsworth’s test subjects revolt and kill him.

In the sequel Platt et al. deal with the victims of the brain transplants, the surviving Pithecanthropi, and various subterranean dinosaurs.

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