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Q33. Q33 was created by George Goodchild (Captain Crash, Dixon Hawke, John Inch, Operator 19, Nigel Rix) and appeared in fifty-seven short stories and three story collections from 1933 to 1937, beginning with Q 33.

Q33 is an English spy. His real name is John Trelawny, but few know that–he is known to most, both on the English side and to England’s enemies, simply as “Q33,” one of England’s most capable spies. During World War One he is active in Belgium and in Germany, and after the war he is active in England and Europe. He is large: “there was power written in his limbs, and resourcefulness in his wide-set grey the light played on his face, one could see that it was constantly animated–as if the big brain below the wide temples were working all the time at full pressure.” Despite fighting the quiet, dirty war of espionage he has a sense of honor, as do his German opposites (unlike lesser spies).

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