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Crash, Captain. Captain Crash was created by George Goodchild (Dixon Hawke, John Inch, Operator 19, Q33, Nigel Rix) and appeared in ten stories in Top-Notch Magazine from 1921 to 1923, beginning with “As a Man Acts” (Top-Notch Magazine, Feb. 15, 1921).

Captain Crash is a pirate. He is misanthropic and especially misogynistic, although there are hints that a bitter love affair lies in his background. For now, though, he assumes a cutthroat attitude, caring only about booty gained at other people’s expense. He captains the ship Cormorant (later Zigzag), a steamer armed with cannons and a bloodthirsty crew, and is assisted by the reluctant Arkwright, who has more morals than Crash (but not enough to stop him from helping Crash).

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