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Nace, Lee. Lee Nace was created by Lester Dent (Avenger (II), Foster Fade, Curt Flagg, Gadget Man, Genius Jones, Lynn Lash, Oscar Sail, Doc Savage, Ed Stone) and appeared in five stories in Ten Detective Aces in 1933, beginning with “The Death Blast” (Ten Detective Aces, July 1933).

Lee Nace, the “Blond Adder,” is a Scientific Detective and user of gadgets. He is a tall, gaunt, solemn man who deals with weird and even unnatural villains: angry skeletons, crazed murderers who line caves with the skulls of their victims, Mad Scientists who use death rays to make men explode, and a master villain known as the “Green Skull.” Nace is "very long, bony, blue-eyed," with a scar in the shape of an adder on his forehead: "a Chinaman had once hit Nace on the forehead with a knife hilt which bore a serpent carving."

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