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Stone, Ed. Ed Stone was created by “Kenneth Robeson,” the pseudonym of Lester Dent (Avenger (II), Foster Fade, Curt Flagg, Gadget Man, Genius Jones, Lynn Lash, Lee Nace, Oscar Sail, Doc Savage) and appeared in six stories in Crime Busters in 1938 and 1939, beginning with “Ring Around a Rosey” (Crime Busters, Aug. 1938).

Ed Stone is a broken-down prizefighter and amateur detective. He investigates cases very reluctantly, and only because he needs the money. Stone was the unwilling recipient of a gift: a Chinese valet who calls himself “One.” One is the brains behind Stone; One nudzhes Stone into taking on cases and making sure that Stone handles the cases well and gets the money that he is owed. Among Stone’s other cases is one in which he discovers Shakespeare’s remains.

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