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Jones, Genius. Genius Jones was created by “Kenneth Robeson,” the pseudonym of Lester Dent (Avenger (II), Foster Fade, Curt Flagg, Gadget Man, Lynn Lash, Lee Nace, Oscar Sail, Doc Savage, Ed Stone), and appeared in six stories in Argosy from 1937 to 1938, beginning with “Genius Jones” (Argosy, Nov. 28, 1937).

Genius Jones is a Jungle Hero. Jones is the son of a couple who died during a 1916 expedition to the North Pole. The only survivor of that expedition, besides Jones, is John Harvard, a Mad Scientist who nonetheless does a fairly good job of raising Jones. Jones educates himself by listening to Harvard and by reading his biological father's books, which were left in the wreckage of the ship that brought the expedition north. Jones is eventually rescued and is brought back to civilization, where he quickly discovers the disadvantages of being a genius, honest, and a bookworm in a cruel and wicked world.

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