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Lash, Lynn. Lynn Lash was created by Lester Dent (Avenger (II), Foster Fade, Curt Flagg, Gadget Man, Genius Jones, Lee Nace, Oscar Sail, Doc Savage, Ed Stone) and appeared in three stories in Detective-Dragnet Magazine in 1932 and 1933, beginning with “The Sinister Ray” (Detective-Dragnet Magazine, Mar. 1932).

Lynn Lash is a Scientific Detective whose opponents are more exotic and pulpish than most scientific detectives’ enemies. One of Lash’s enemies is a group of Yellow Peril "Orientals" who are plotting to destroy the power grid of New York City and take over first New York City, then the United States, and eventually CONQUER THE WORLD! Lash is assisted by his ape-like friend “Monk,” who is similar to (if anticipating) Doc Savage’s assistant Monk Mayfair.

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