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Merrick, Patch. Patch Merrick was created by Manly Wade Wellman (Hok, Sgt. Jaeger, Judge Keith Hilary Pursuivant, Sojarr, Jack Stillwell) and appeared in three stories in Thrilling Wonder Stories from 1942 to 1944, beginning with “Asteroid Castaways” (Thrilling Wonder Stories, June 1942).

Patch Merrick is a roughneck who hates the regimented ways of 30th century Earth. He was happy living in the “Ozark Forest Reserve, eating snared rabbits” and reading his books, but he had been captured by the police and sentenced to forced labor on a space ship. He is let out on Mars, and finds a series of adventures on his way back to Earth, eluding the police, a woman in love with him, and a businessman who wants to capitalize on an idyllic area in Mars.

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