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Stillwell, Jack. Jack Stillwell was created by Manly Wade Wellman (Hok, Sgt. Jaeger, Patch Merrick, Judge Keith Hilary Pursuivant, Sojarr) and appeared in “When Planets Clashed” (Wonder Stories Quarterly, Spring 1931) and “The Disc-Men of Jupiter” (Wonder Stories, Sept. 1931).

When Earth refuses to allow Mars to establish colonies on Earth, war between the two planets breaks out. Jack Stillwell is human, but grew up on Mars and is engaged to a Martian women. He is torn but eventually decides to fight for Earth. The war is a near thing, but an armistice is finally signed and Stillwell’s Martian fiancée forgives him. In the sequel Mars is dying, but a Martian/human woman and a descendant of Charles Lindbergh explore Ganymede and find it suitable for Martian settlement.

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