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Jaeger, Sgt. Sgt. Jaeger was created by Manly Wade Wellman (Hok, Patch Merrick, Judge Keith Hilary Pursuivant, Sojarr, Jack Stillwell) and appeared in three stories in Weird Tales and Fantasy & Science Fiction from 1939 to 1979, beginning with “Fearful Rock” (Weird Tales, Feb. 1939).

Sgt. Jaeger is a Union veteran of the American Civil War who fights supernatural evil. He first encountered it in an Arkansas town during the war and decided to become a self-ordained preacher in the town in order to best fight it. Jaeger is an overtly pious Christian who uses the Bible, a collection of spells called “the Long-Lost Friend,” and folk magic to fight Satanic evils and Quantrill’s raiders.

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